Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship has witnessed several ups and downs. The two even tried to give it another go, but eventually broke up. We all know that Selena faced a turbulent time in the months that followed. Not only did she become insecure, but also lost trust in relationships. But, it looks like SelGo has overcome her fears and she has so much to look forward to, as her new album "Revival" will be released on 3 October.

The singer's confidence has found its way back and Selena is anything but brooding over her past. Selena tweeted that she has overcome her insecurities and is confident about herself. "I was always insecure about my speaking voice because it's so low. I never felt like it was feminine sounding. I didn't know it would be such an asset to who I am now. It adds a cool, personal quality. It's exciting," Hollywood Life quoted her as saying.

For Selena's fans, this is good news. The singer had documented her struggle after splitting with Justin Bieber in the song, "The Heart Wants What It Wants". Her opening line, "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong by falling in love" is redolent of the hurt the break-up caused her.

Although Selena and Justin are not romantically involved any longer, it seems the two can't wipe off memories of their relationship. The video of Justin's new song "What Do You Mean" even features Selena's name when he and Xenia Deli end up in a skating park.

Meanwhile, Selena opened up about her relationship with Justin in an interview with Sunday Times, saying she will not let her past affect her life anymore.