Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
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As Angelina Jolie enjoys her forties, nude photos of her younger self are out on sale in London. The black-and-white photos of a naked 20-year-old Jolie, sporting a bold lipstick and a silk ribbon tied at her ankles, have gone on sale at London's Zebra One Gallery for £1800 ($2,750).

The images taken by photographer Kate Garner in 1995, enhances Jolie's chiseled features and her famous lips as it captures the quintessential 90s' look. Her pouty lips and magnetic eyes are captivating.

However, this is not the only reason she is trending in the UK right now. She recently quit late Princess Diana's favourite mine-clearing charity, Halo Trust, after learning that two of the trustees were taking out £500 in the name of "review" every day.

According to Mirror, she is "extremely uncomfortable" with the trustees' actions, and is said to have quit back in May 2013. She demanded that the trustees pay for the review themselves, rather than drying out the funds. However, when her demands were not met, Jolie cited "a wish to do other things" and handed in her resignation.