At least 57 people were reported dead until Saturday in Kerala and over a lakh were shifted to relief camps. Twitter

A bitter battle raged on social media between Union Minister Sadananda Gowda and Yuva Brigade founder Chakravarti Sulibele over the flood relief operations in Karnataka. It all began when Sulibele questioned the central government over the relief provisions following incessant rainfall in the region over the past month.

Gowda replied to Sulibele's question saying: "I pity the people who have been giving false information to the people regarding the flood relief status. Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has already given information about the reports prepared by the state about the immediate funds needed for flood-affected areas, intermediate relief, and long term relief plans."

To this, Sulibele responded, saying: "Don't forget that the ministerial position is a gift to you by the people of the state. What is the use of compensation if it does not come on time?"

The argument triggered irate tweets among multiple users questioning what the Modi government has done, with tweets trending with the hashtag NotFairModiji, WeWantFloodRelief and StopUrArroganceDVS.

Sulibele tweeted in Kannada saying: "Lol! This man came now. @DVSadanandGowda I feel bad for those who believe that the people of North Karnataka are being misled. Do not forget that your ministership is the alms given by the people to you. Which of these is a solution to releasing funds for flood relief?"

After this tweet, Gowda blocked Sulibele on the micro-blogging platform.

Twitterati then began making posts on the social media site targeting the Modi government and asking it to act on its promises.

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