Crime branch officers in Kerala have arrested a man named Sooraj for allegedly killing his wife using a snake. Sooraj's wife Uthara, aged 25 was murdered after she suffered two snake bites in a span of two months. In the initial days of the death, several people claimed that a snake curse has caused the death of Uthara, but a complaint registered by her father helped to unveil the mysteries surrounding her demise.

Husband used snake as a weapon

In March, a viper bit Uthara, and she was miraculously escaped from the verge of death. However, on May 07, a cobra bit her again, and this second bite proved fatal for Uthara.

A snake is shown here for representational purpose
A snake is shown here for representational purposePixabay

The crime branch officers revealed that Sooraj, who hails from Adoor in Pathanamthitta District had bought the snake from a local snake handler of the area after paying Rs 10,000. According to the police version, Sooraj kept the snake in a bag under his bed, and in the night, he let it loose in the bedroom. Investigative officials revealed that Sooraj saw the snake biting Uthara, but he waited until morning to confirm her death.

In their complaint, Uthara's parents revealed that their daughter had gone to bed with her husband, and in the morning she was found lying unconscious in the bed. Uthara was soon rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors revealed that she has died of snakebite. Later, her parents, along with Sooraj inspected the bedroom where they found the snake under the almirah.

A planned murder

Police officers revealed that Sooraj is a master in handling snakes, and he has learned this art by referring to several YouTube videos. Uthara's parents also alleged that Sooraj was in touch with some snake handlers of the area.

S Harishankar, Kollam rural police superintendent revealed that a person named Suresh who is a snake handler has been also arrested in association with the incident.

Uthara and Sooraj got married two years ago, and they have a one-year-old kid.