As Kerala is successfully containing coronavirus outbreak when compared to other states in India, BBC invited the health minister K. K. Shailaja, popularly known as Shailaja Teacher to their news show to detail the coronavirus preventive measures taken by the state. While talking with BBC, the minister made some factually incorrect statements, as she claimed that Goa is a union territory in India.

Kerala health minister blames Goa

During the interview that lasted for five minutes, Shailaja revealed that a coronavirus patient, who died in her state, had traveled from Goa. She also added that Goa is a union territory in India where healthcare systems are functioning in a very pathetic manner.

Shailaja teacherq

As a response to Shailaja Teacher's comments, Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane claimed that the patient whom the Kerala health minister referred to had actually returned from Mahe in Puducherry. He also added that Goa is containing the coronavirus outbreak very effectively.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant also criticized Shailaja for making factually incorrect comments on Goa's state status.

"I am appalled by the factually incorrect statements of Kerala Health Minister Smt. K. K. Shailaja Ji during her interview with the BBC regarding the death in Kerala of a COVID positive patient from Goa," wrote Pramod Sawant on Twitter.

Shailaja teacher's comments receiving negative responses

Even though Shailaja and the healthcare department in Kerala are receiving widespread appreciation for their efforts to contain coronavirus, her comments on Goa have not gone well with the majority of people. A recent article published in the Goa Chronicle called Shailaja 'literate but uneducated'.

"Goa became state of India on May 30th, 1987. Goa will complete 33-years of statehood in 2020. It is shocking that the Health Minister from the 'Literate' state of Kerala is uneducated and misinformed about a simple general knowledge about Indian states and Union territories," wrote Goa Chronicle.