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Dark flying objects have been suspected to be UFOs recently. YouTube Representational screenshot/ secureteam10

Conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Mania' has uploaded an eerie video claiming that non-human entities like ghost helicopters are in control of our skies. Using inputs from a website named 'UFO Spain', the narrator of the video argues that these dark flying objects are completely black in color, and it lacks any kind of number plates or identification marks.

According to conspiracy theorists, these black helicopters are often connected with several cases of alien abduction, cattle mutilation events, and UFO encounters. Initially, many alien enthusiasts argued that these black helicopters could actually be secret military vessels developed by the government. But now, the conspiracy theory channel has suggested that the real truth about these flying objects might be more shocking and terrifying.

In the video, the narrator connected the strange case of cattle mutilations which happened in the 1970s with these mysterious flying objects. Floyd K. Haskell, who was the senator for the state of Colorado at that time even contacted the FBI and asked to investigate the strange case of mutilations.

It should be noted that the cattle mutilations were carried out with a terrifying precision and surgical excellence. In all the cases of mutilations, the left ear, rectum and the sexual organ of the animals were cut, and interestingly, not even a single blood tinge was found on the ground.

In these cases of cattle mutilations, dark helicopters were seen flying across the areas in complete silence. Conspiracy theorists argue that no helicopters can fly in such silence, and they claim that these flying objects might be made using alien technology. The video also reveals that some of those black helicopters have shape-shifting abilities.

However, skeptics argue that humans have already mastered advanced technologies, and most of these innovations are being covered up from the common man's eye.

"The average American has no idea what technology the government has. They are far ahead of what they allow to be released to the sleeping masses. They don't need technology from the so-called Aliens. Just like the average American has no idea what is going on in other countries. Just because the sheeple don't know about it doesn't mean it came from nonhuman beings. Just like this post, it's all part of The Great Deception leading the sheeple into something they can not get out of," commented Arliss Young, a YouTube user.

These skeptics also made it clear that the US government has been using these silent crafts for covert operations.