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YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Conspiracy theory channel 'Disclose Screen' has recently released a video featuring a UFO in the skies above Nevada desert. The object spotted in the video moves erratically before it disappears into thin air. Interestingly, the video was apparently shot somewhere near Area 51, the most confidential military site in the US. Now, conspiracy theorists have started saying that the government is testing secret alien experiments in the base, and the increasing number of UFO sightings in the area is a clear cut evidence of this.

The man who shot the video speculates that the UFO might be of alien origin, and it is attracted by the Luxor lights of the sin city. The uploader has also released an enhanced version of the clip, and it clearly shows that the alleged UFO has a number of lights attached to its body.

In the same video, the conspiracy theory channel shared the visuals of another weird sighting. In the second video, a white snake-like object is seen flying across the sky, and adding the mystery quotient, it moves in such a way that all the laws of physics have been defied.

As the video went viral, viewers started putting forward various theories explaining the weird phenomenon.

"The first group of objects certainly were strange, but without extreme zoom and clarity, we're stuck once again, without any definitive answers. As for the second one, I was expecting either someone to come rushing by, having snagged their shoot in mid-air or I was trying to figure out what other man-made objects it could be other than a long cut of fabric or paper and if it was either, where did it come from, as it was not floating but falling," commented Headon Enterprises, a YouTube user.

Most of the viewers who watched the video strongly argue that aliens are in constant touch with the government, and they used to visit military bases like Area 51. They even claim that these extraterrestrials are now gearing up for a disclosure which will reshape the entire course of humanity.

The new video was released just a few days after another clip showing an alien-like figure took the internet by a storm. The uploader of the alien video argued that the clip was shot from the S4 Base medical laboratory in Papoose Lake near AREA 51, Nevada. After watching this video, many conspiracy theorists stated that many aliens are being kept as captives in Area 51 after their UFO gets crashed.