UFO Australia
An Australian Junelyn Bitalac noticed the strange disc-shaped object in the sky in Australia near a military site. YoutubeSecureteam10: YouTube

Tyler Glockner, a conspiracy theorist who runs a YouTube channel has uploaded a bizarre video showing a disc-shaped flying object apparently flying above the skies of Victoria, Australia. Interestingly, the sighting happened nearer to a military base, similar to such sightings reported near US and UK military areas.

The bizarre sighting was originally captured by Junelyn Bitalacm who noticed the strange disc-shaped object in the sky when she was driving back after dropping her mom off at work. Seeing the weird nature of the unidentified flying object, she soon took her smartphone and recorded the object.

After capturing the video, she shared it on her YouTube channel where it was viewed by more than 2,500 people. Picked up soon by 'Secureteam10', the video went viral registering more than 2,40,000 views.

Soon the enthusiasm among the viewers kicked off a debate over its military nature that could be a another black project, while UFO afficianados were quick to speculate its alien nature.

Most of the viewers who watched the video strongly argued that these disc-shaped objects are actually anti-gravity flying machines used for interstellar travel. They even claim that aliens might be controlling these spacecraft and the government may well be aware of their existence.

On the other hand, a section of other conspiracy theorists alleged that this spacecraft is a secret military vessel developed by the Australian government, just like the military craft TR-3B in the US.

However, some skeptics strongly speculated that the object purportedly found in the Australian sky could be a mere drone.

"Here in Australia, we refer to these objects as unmanned drones doing their testing and surveillance, much more activity around the Eastern coastlines from Victoria to the Cape in Queensland... Hopefully, we don't get a false flag invasion to depopulate," commented Blitzkrieg, a YouTube user.

Others said that no UFO will travel at such a low speed like the one spotted in the video.

Image Courtesy: Secureteam10: YouTube