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The truth is out there? Another UFO sighting reported. (Representaional Image)YouTube screenshot/ UFOmania

A video apparently shot by a teenager in the skies of Wycombe, UK is now the hottest point of debate among conspiracy theorists. The video shows a UFO flying in the skies in an eerie manner leaving trails of white smoke behind.

Lucas Budel, the 19-year-old teenager who captured the video revealed that he spotted the mysterious flying object near his home in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, an area nearer to the Royal Air Force base. Interestingly, the UK government had used this Air Force base to probe alleged UFO sightings reported in the UK.

"I was just sitting in my room at my computer when I saw an extremely bright light falling from the sky. I initially thought it was a meteor falling, which is already quite unusual to see, until its motion stopped for a few seconds and went back up. I was so in awe that I didn't have time to record it. It then disappeared," said Lucas Budel, Daily Star reports.

As the video went viral, most of the viewers strongly argued that the UFO is from outer space. As per these theorists, the object spotted in the video has made some unusual movements in the sky which no human craft can do with the current technology.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists claimed later that the object might be actually a secret military spacecraft flying with the help of alien technology. After closely analyzing the video, Budel suggested that the object might be an electric cloud.

"The best way to describe it was like an electrical cloud moving in alternating directions continuously. At one point it looked as if red sparks or electricity was flying out of it. At another point, it seemed like whatever it was lost its power and started falling to the ground before the 'engines' started back up," explained Lucas.

The new sighting was reported just a few days after another UFO was spotted above the skies of Area 51, the alleged secret military base in the US. The video clip of the incident showed a bizarre flying object hovering across the skies, and at times, it pulsated in a very bizarre manner.