One thing that excites every Bollywood buff is the industry gossips, love affairs, and scandals of celebrities. While some affairs have no truth to them, most of them are unfortunately true. And one such actor who has had a list of affairs before he finally got hitched to the love of his life. We are talking about Ajay Devgn and Kajol but did the news of his linkups end after his marriage to Kajol. Well, the answer is NO.

You call it infidelity or just a smart way to tag the relation as "Just friends". Many such affairs have been under wraps for years. One such Chori Chori Chupke Chupke linkup within the Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke co-stars Ajay Devgn and Bollywood's dimply girl Preity Zinta.

Ajay Devgn-Preity Zinta and Kajol
Ajay Devgn-Preity Zinta and Kajol

Preity has managed to win millions of hearts with her smile and stellar performances in movies while Ajay on the other side was always the stern-looking romantic lover. But not many knew about the once-brewing-romance between Ajay Devgn and Preity Zinta. But not many knew about the once-brewing-romance between Ajay and Preity. There were news reports surfacing back then about Ajay and Preity love affair but Ajay had lashed out at journalists for reporting false news. 

Baseless rumours

In a throwback interview with Rediff, when Ajay Devgn was asked about the rumors of his link-up with Preity Zinta, he had stated, "I do not want to comment on my personal affairs. People talk too much – it's really irritating me now. They jump to conclusions for no reason, without sufficient proof. I never talk about my personal life. After these rumors, I definitely do not want to comment on anything."

Ajay Devgn, Kajol
Ajay Devgn, KajolTwitter

Lambasting media for spreading such baseless rumors, Ajay Devgn had said, "Preity and I are two mature individuals who happen to work together and work cordially. If people see hidden meanings between our exchanged hellos, too bad. I'd love to say I simply don't care about all that is written. But these rumors make working together really awkward at one level or another."

Today, Kajol and Ajay Devgn are living their 'happily ever after' with their two kids, Nysa Devgn and Yug Devgn while Preity is happily married to Gene Goodenough.