Actress Sangeetha Krish has opened up on the memories of working with filmmaker Nishikant Kamat, who passed away on Monday, 17 August. She had teamed up with him in Evano Oruvan, which starred Madhavan.

Vijay and Suriya
Vijay and Suriya.PR Handout

The actress has revealed that he had cast her in the film after watching her performance in Vikram and Suriya's National Award winning movie Pithamagan. "He planned everything meticulously and is one of the fastest, efficient directors I have worked with," The Times of India quotes her as saying.

The actress throws light at the days when she along with Kamat and Madhavan used to walk on the streets of New York after landing in the US for the film's promotion. Sangeetha claims that he was worried about corruption and societal issues.

Kamat's Wish to Remake Lai Bhaari in Tamil
In the interview, Sangeetha has revealed about his wish to remake his Marathi film Lai Bhaari in Kollywood with Suriya or Vijay in the lead. "He kept asking me to watch that film and said it was not like his regular films at all. He said, 'You see it once, and you'll get me Suriya's dates after that'. He had seen Kaakha Kaakha while remaking it in Hindi as Force and had become a big fan of Suriya. He kept saying Suriya's eyes were powerful and communicated so many emotions. He wanted to do that film in Tamil with either Suriya or Vijay, but I don't know if he ever tried doing it," the daily quotes her as saying.

Nishikant Kamat and Sangeetha Krish
Nishikant Kamat and Sangeetha Krish.PR Handout

However, Sangeetha has revealed that she was unaware of his health issue since she is not following news these days and stays away from social media. So his death has come as a shock to her.

Nishikant Kamat was suffering Chronic Liver Disease and other secondary infections. He was aged 50. He directed eight movies till date of which Mumbai Meri Jaan, which was based on 2006 Mumbai Bombings, and Drishyam remain his popular works.