Vijay fans Dies of Suicide
A fan of Vijay named Bala died by suicide.Twitter

A youth and an ardent fan of Vijay from Rishivandiyam village in Kallakurichi district in Tamil Nadu has reportedly died by suicide on Thursday, 13 August. It comes days after he vented out frustration over personal problems in his life on Twitter.

The fan named Bala had given hints about ending his life on Twitter, but none of his followers took his words seriously. The youth had claimed that he was disappointed to leave the world without watching his icon's upcoming movie Master, the release of which was postponed after lockdown came into effect, as per a report on The Times of India.

The brother-in-law of the deceased has reporteldy given confirmation about his death stating that he passed away at 6 pm on 13 August. His last rites were performed on Friday, 14 August, at 11 pm. 

This development has come as a shock to his Twitter followers and legions of Vijay fans on Twitter. They are now mourning his death with the hashtag - #RIPBala.

A hardcore Thalapathy Vijay fan named George condoled the death of Bala and offered encouraging words to the people who are going through tough times, while reminding the fans to help the ones who are facing depression.

"Bala made tweets showing clear signs the whole day. Nobody took them seriously. There were comments even making fun of it. I wish I followed him, or saw his tweets.
When someone is making such tweets, understand they're helpless and in need of immediate support. #RIPBala

There is an urge to get away from the pain of living and an undercurrent of the desire to live. If strong support is given and the wish to live is increased, believe me, the suicidal risk in them can be decreased.

A person contemplating suicide, shouldn't be made joke about. They may not make a direct plea for help. All those signs for help must not be ignored.

@AlwaysLonely07 was clearly looking for help. He sent out signals and made tweets. We say he's one of us. But sorry we failed him!

Rest in peace. He exhibited warning signs, I don't know how many of his followers had actually offered him emotional support.

Now, don't say what he did is an act of weakness, saying like that perpetuates the strong stigma associated with suicide. Talk to them. Offer them help, [sic]" he wrote in a series on tweets.

Many people are mourning his death:

Vijay Fans Mourns Death of Bala
Vijay Fans Mourns Death of Bala
Vijay Fans Mourns Death of Bala