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After splitting with John Cena, Nikki Bella is reportedly spending $20,000 a month renting an oceanfront beach house. Nikki might be enjoying her single life post her split with WWE champion John, but her twin sister Brie might be thinking that Nikki is having a bit of a "midlife crisis."

In Sunday's new episode of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella was seen moving out of the home she once shared with her ex-fiancé, John Cena. While picking her sister up, Brie Bella was left in shock after learning the fact that Nikki was actually considering to purchase a car.

"I think my sister might be having a midlife crisis," Brie told the cameras, asking her twin sister if she felt some kind of embarrassment driving the flashy car around the town.

Brie later continues and states that these are the things guys do as they go out "when they go through a big break-up, or they get a hot young girlfriend, or they do something crazy." She further states that her sister is acting like a man.

However, Nikki Bella fired back to tell her that she wants to play golf and even wishes to meet some 25-year-old for dinner. In Nikki's own words, "it's called healing. I'm doing my own version of therapy."

Nikki Bella
WESTWOOD, CA - APRIL 03: John Cena (L) and Nikki BellaPhoto by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Nikki Bella and John Cena were due to marry each other in 2018 but ended their long-time affair a month ahead of their grand wedding. Over the last couple of months, it was revealed that Nikki is reportedly having some hard time moving on in her life. It was also revealed that she might be leaving San Diego as the place reminds her of John Cena, but it looks like she is not moving out. Instead, she is spending large money paying the rent for her place.

When Brie Bella finds out that Nikki was spending an enormous amount on her house, she tells  her sister that she is going through a huge crisis in her life. But Nikki replies to her sister that she wants to do everything which she could not do while she was in a relationship with John Cena. "I'm just trying to experience what I want to do with this new life, this new beginning," she continued.

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