Priyanka Chopra's husband, Nick Jonas was once in a relationship with American model, Olivia Culpo. The fashion influencer and actress opened up about being dumped by Nick and the whole experience of going through a heart-break. She revealed that she moved to LA to be with him and once he broke up with her, she had no idea what to do next.

Priyanka, Nick, Olivia
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Olivia spills the beans

"I did date Nick and that was a very formative experience for me...I moved to LA with him. I had no brand, no money and I was in love. That was great right, but when he broke up with me, I was kind of left with no sense of identity," People quoted her saying on the premiere episode of the reality show - The Culpo Sisters.

Olivia went on to reveal that she thought they were going to get married. She added that she had no identity of herself, no money so she couldn't afford the place she was living in and not even the groceries. Olivia revealed that the whole experience taught her to pivot.

Olivia Culpo
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The pivot moment

She went on to say, "My whole identity was in him which is a very common story of a young person in love. I thought we were going to get married, I thought all the things, and I just remember night after night looking up at the ceiling in my apartment that I couldn't afford thinking to myself how am I going to pay my rent? I couldn't even afford my groceries. It was a serious, pivotal moment for me, but it was something that taught me that you can't give up."

Nick Jonas is now happily married to our desi girl - Priyanka Chopra and the two welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy early this year.