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There's no stopping Joker movie from becoming a sensation in different regions throughout the world. The new iteration of the clown prince of crime in the recent DC film has slowly become a symbol for demonstrators in their stance against unfair oppression from governments and regimes. But this time, the Joker persona was on the limelight during NFL's Sunday night game between Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.

Will Brinson
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Star Odell Beckham Jr. from Browns may have rubbed off NFL the wrong way after sporting a pair of Joker cleats during the game. The wide receiver's shoes could have led to his suspension from the game for not abiding by NFL's uniform policy if he hadn't removed them. "Jay Feely reports the NFL told Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry to change their shoes at halftime or they won't be allowed to play," tweeted Will Brinson, SBS Sports Sr. NFL writer. You can check it out below.

Earlier this season, Other players like Vikings wideout Stefon Diggs was also spotted wearing Joker cleats. Though it didn't lead to a strong reaction from the NFL, Diggs was quick to change his shoes. While the incident doesn't help Beckham who has faced 3 penalties from NFL concerning his equipment, it only fuels the global earnings for Todd Phillips' Joker. The R-rated DC film recently crosses the $900 million mark and passed Deadpool's record for being the highest-grossing R-rated title of all time (without adjusting for inflation).

Joker - The movie

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Joker could potentially cross the $1billion mark but at the moment, Box office analysts speculate the film could end its run in theaters with $950m. It remains to be seen if the continued spotlight for the film could help in increasing its revenue. Over the past few weeks, even dialogues from the Joker movie have been used as references during protests in places like Chile. Moreover, a particular location from the film has also become a popular place to visit for tourists. Joker is in theaters worldwide.