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Joaquin Phoenix's R-rated Joker has set yet another milestone on Saturday after it crossed a whopping $900 million in worldwide ticket sales. Todd Phillips' version of Joker is being loved for its performance, direction, screenplay and cinematography. Many movie experts are now predicting that Joker could cross $1 billion in no time.

Joker is made against a budget of $55-70 million and as of November 1, 2019, it has grossed $289.5 million in the domestic markets of North America. It has crossed $588.8 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $878.3 million.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is going to generate a profit of $500 million or more for Warner Bros and partners Village Roadshow and Bron Studios. Several box office analysts are now predicting that the movie will cross $950 million or more by the end of its theatrical run.

At the same time, many people are even saying that it may earn $1 billion, making it one of the most successful movies of this generation. 

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Box-office records shattered by Joaquin Phoenix's Joker:

Upon its release, the movie broke tons of box-office records in North American as well as worldwide box-office collection. It collected a stunning $152.2 million during its opening weekend.

In addition to this, Joker now has the following records under its name:

  • The seventh highest-grossing film of 2019
  • Highest-grossing R-rate film of all time surpassing the collection of Deadpool.
  • Highest October opening in U.S.A and Canada — $39.4 million
  • Highest October opening weekend in U.S.A and Canada — $96.2 million
  • Highest October opening weekend — $152.2 million

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker deals with the themes of mental illness and its effects. The movie has also covered the effect of class war. The movie has been described by several people as a reel depiction of those who commit mass shootings in the United States and other places. These are some of the reasons why the movie has garnered so much media attention.