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Late NT Rama Rao's second wife Lakshmi Parvathi was trolled on social media after her follower named Koti accused her of sexual harassment. Netizens asked Ram Gopal Varma to make Lakshmi's Koti.

Ram Gopal Varma has made a controversial biopic on legendary actor-turned-politician NT Rama Rao and his film Lakshmi's NTR is based on a book written by Lakshmi Parvathi. This movie was released in the cinema halls last week and some people alleged that it showcases some lies to tarnish the image of Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Lakshmi's NTR has made a decent collection at the box office and also created a stir in the social media. But even before it completed its first week, Lakshmi Parvathi is facing serious charges. A guy named Koti, who claims himself to be her follower, has filed a complaint of sexual harassment against her at the Vinukonda police station on Thursday.

In his complaint, Koti claims that he has known Lakshmi Parvathi for the past four years. He alleges that she had been sending WhatsApp messages saying she loved him and wanted sexual favours from him for the past 18 months. She had also sent links of p*rn websites and pictures. He has given some evidence regarding the same to the police. He asked the police to provide security to him.

Lakshmi Parvathi is now a leader from YSR Congress Party and the news about Koti allegations against her have stirred a big controversy in political circles. This also became an opportunity for the TDP followers, who were upset with Lakshmi's NTR, to attack her. They took to social media to troll her and mocked Ram Gopal Varma is doing a sequel to his latest film with the title of Lakshmi's Koti.

Brinda‏ @b4politics

New announcement from @RGVzoomin about sensational upcoming BB 'Lakshmi's Koti' . A old wamp trapping men with her Language skills and later involved in sexual abuse of men #lakshmisKoti

Sachin Kabali‏ @AvengerSachin

@RGVzoomin Gaaru .. Joke chudandi... Laxmi Parvathi gaariki.. English Matladadame Sarigga Raadu.. Kaani Telugu nii English lo Type Chestunnaru.. Dorikipoyindi @ncbn & TV5 Kutra.... #lakshmisntr #Majili #RomeoAkbarWalter #Raw

Indian‏ @proud_2beIndian

I dislike #LakshmiParvathi to d core 4whatever she did wid #NTR gaaru n wid his family But this Its really,really hard to believe How can a old woman can do such cheap chattings? I believe dat she did a real "Vennupotu" to NTR,but this,No I dont think so. #LakshmisNTR

But some YSRCP followers alleged that the proof provided by Koti are photoshopped. They said that Nara Chandrababu Naidu stooped very low, by trying to malign NTR's widow Lakshmi Parvathi.

Jagdhish Sukasi‏ @sukasi

Any one with common sense could tell tht those so called whtsapp conversations were doctored and sent by the same person. No 2 people can type with same sentence formation. And all the msgs happen with in 15 minutes time as if one person is waiting for the msg #LakshmiParvathi

AapuBabu‏ @babu_apu

CBN is stooping too low by trying to malign NTR's widow Lakshmi Parvathi with the help of his hacker team and the technology which he imported for intelligence operations. Everyone knows that someone can hack your social media account and write whatever you want. #VoteForFan They could have written a scripted conversation on her account to use it against her. I believe they have planned this kind of thing as a defense against the movie #LakshmisNTR. Never underestimate the greatest crook in the world as per Sr.NTR. #ysrcp #ByeByeBabu