The popular Netflix series, Emily In Paris will soon get a desi version with Hindi dubbing. The makers of the series dropped the Hindi version of the trailer in the official handle of Netflix's YouTube channel. Emily In Paris is written by the writers of the popular American television series, Sex and The City. Much like the latter series, Emily in Paris is enviably stylish. 

Emily In Paris

The plot

The series explores the posh areas and high lifestyle of Paris where Emily tries to build a connection with the city of Paris. Much like many of us young adults, she has deemed France, Paris to be a city of romance and thereby begins a personal journey. She has an enviably stylish job and tries to keep herself romantically engaged with a broad-shouldered stranger. Things slightly fall apart for her when she learns that the romantic, blue-eyed man she kissed already has a girlfriend and her work life is not allowing her to be freely creative either. 

There are two versions of Paris when one explores it from the perspective of Emily. One, where the cloud gets cleared, sunrises and you find new meaning for your soul. Second, when you realize that not everything about Paris is linked to romance. Sometimes, while being a non-tourist resident of the city, it can be slightly exhausting for Emily, but not so much for the viewers who are completely taken away by the set design, the pastel shade that engages the whole show. 

Watching Emily share her experience in Hindi might completely be a second round of visual refreshment. 

Disclaimer: This writer is saddened by everything that is presently happening in France right now. This article has been written in the context of the new trailer which has released today. We sincerely hope that everything returns to normalcy soon, and we can all live peacefully in a free country without the fear of sharing an opinion that might be different from someone else.