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Spreading stories of an alleged affair, partiality, cat-fight, secrets, revelations; reality show makers hardly leave any stone unturned in gaining maximum mileage from the celebs and the contestants associated with show. However, when it comes to the whole affair and wedding charade of Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan, we think, this time they went a bit too far.

More than the news of Neha Kakkar tying-the-knot with Aditya Narayan, it was the thought that country's top female singer would become the 'bahu' of one of the most iconic singers of the industry, that made this news spread so fast and so vast. Though Aditya Narayan had always been flirting with Neha and expressing his love for him on the show, it was Udit Narayan's appearance on the show where he expressed his desire to make Neha a part of his family that left the internet in a tizzy.

Neha Kakkar, Aditya Narayan
Neha Kakkar, Aditya NarayanInstagram

The romance

Stories and rumours of things getting serious between Aditya and Neha and Neha's family having given their nod to their relationship spread like wildfire and there was no looking back. The makers too, didn't leave this chance and even arranged a fake wedding card and a fake wedding ritual for the two. On their part, Neha Kakkar also didn't shy away from showing her PDA towards Aditya on social media, flaunting her chooda and her love for the 'Tattad Tattad' singer.

There was so much written and said about this wedding, various speculations were made about whether or not it would happen that it became almost difficult to believe that it was all just for TRPs and publicity. Fan clubs and fan pages were made to celebrate the love between Aditya and Neha and the wedding was highly awaited. Even on the day of their scheduled wedding on the show, the contestants also said that they were shocked to know that Neha was not to marry Aditya, since it all, did seem so real.

Indian Idol winners' take

Talking about the whole affair, Udit Narayan later said that this was all done for TRPs and even expressed his sadness over it. Winner of the show, Sunny Hindustani, said, "We were very excited about their wedding. We had even bought clothes for the wedding. We had even taken out a baraat wedding procession without knowing whether they will get married or the girl will accept the proposal or not. Finally, Neha di did not accept the wedding proposal and their wedding did not take place," Sunny Hindustani told an entertainment portal.

We feel the makers went a bit too far with their publicity gimmick this time. What do you have to think?