Neha Kakkar is undoubtedly one of the topmost singers we have in the country today. Not only is she heavily in demand but her popularity also turns an average song into a hit one.

Neha Kakkar Aditya Narayan
Neha Kakkar Aditya NarayanInstagram

More than the lyrics and the music of the song, it is Neha's voice that sells. So naturally, when rumours of Udit Narayan wanting to include her into his family by getting her married to Aditya Narayan surfaced, the nation went gaga.

To top it all, the makers of the reality singing show, Indian Idol, didn't leave a stone unturned in making the most of Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar's wedding rumours.

From getting them engaged on the sets to organising their wedding; the makers did go overboard and how! After a lot of hullaballoo, Aditya Narayan reacted to the whole rumour in an exclusive chat with IBTimes.

Aditya Narayan reacts

He said, "See....whatever is happening, it is on screen, as a part of the reality show. We do what the makers of the show ask us to do and that is for fun. If people take it seriously and start writing about it saying that we are getting married in real life too, I don't know what to say."

He also said, "Also, did I or Neha Kakkar have announced publicly or on social media that we are getting married? No, right? So how can someone come to the conclusion that we are getting married?

It is hurting that others are deciding a lot about my marriage and I have no clue with what is happening. I request fans and audiences of Indian Idol to not to believe what is on social media. What is done on the show, remains to the show only."

Neha Kakkar, Aditya Narayan
Neha Kakkar, Aditya NarayanInstagram

Udit Narayan reacts

Upset over the whole gimmick, Udit Narayan also said, "I suspect this link-up and marriage rumours with Neha are just to boost the TRPs of Indian Idol where she's a judge and my son is the anchor.

I wish the marriage rumours were true. Neha is a wonderful girl. We'd love to have as our Bahu," Udit Narayan had said in his recent interview.

Neha Kakkar's response

And now, Neha Kakkar has reacted to it. Well, in a way! Neha was spotted in the city and was surrounded by fans all over.

Few paparazzi also circled Neha and asked her '"Nehaji shaadi kab hogi?' To which, Neha just laughed and shrugged off the topic.