The equation between Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal has left everyone confused. From foes to friends and now closest friends, the chemistry between the two has been grabbing eyeballs. Neha and Pratik are coming closer by the day and are unable to keep it hidden from the housemates as well. Amid all this, Neha was seen thinking aloud about what her family would think of the two of them.

Pratik, Neha
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Pratik and Neha, both dropped their original connections to pair up with each other. And ever since, the two have been bringing the house down with their sizzling chemistry. The housemates too can be seen discussing Neha – Pratik's newly formed friendship. In one of the promos, Neha was seen checking out Pratik's abs.

Neha - Pratik's candid conversation

Bhasin was then seen saying, "You only impress with your abs, I can't keep doing this every day, this can't be the only connection we have," Neha told Pratik. To this he replied cheekily, "You don't have love, you just have lust." To this Neha blushes and then says, "You don't even have lust for me. I friend zoned you when I entered the house." Pratik smiles and says, "I am not friendzone anymore, I can feel and say that."

The netizens however are left confused with what is brewing between the two. Social media is bombarded with comments and questions of their relationship status. "Are they just "connections" or more?" asked one user. "Isn't she married already?" asked another. "It's more than friendship," said one user. "He is Neha's eye candy," said another user.

Neha Bhasin

There were few who even wondered what Neha Bhasin's family members and husband must be thinking over her behaviour. Pratik Sehajpal was earlier dating Pavitra Punia. The two had a bitter fall-out and now Pavitra is dating Eijaz Khan.