Everything about this year's Bigg Boss has changed. From the format, the concept of connections to the new host – Karan Johar – everything is a bright new change. Or so we thought! When Karan Johar made the announcement of him hosting the first few weeks of the show instead of Salman Khan; we were all pleasantly surprised. We have seen him on Koffee with Karan and other chat shows, and if there was one thing he could totally rock – we knew it would be hosting. But, how wrong were we!

Karan Johar

Right at the first Weekend ka Vaar of the Bigg Boss OTT, KJo left us gasping for breath. Not only did he appear uncomfortable but also looked too rehearsed. Unlike Salman Khan, whose gravitas is what makes contestants respect and sometimes fear him, Karan seemed like a terrible newbie just waiting to throw away those punch lines at the audition. Though we love KJo's maverick facial expressions and the fashion game that is always on point, he seemed too hasty with the job.

Right after the first episode, social media was left divided with many claiming Karan was biased towards Shamita Shetty and many asserting he was not. However, by the second-weekend episode, the scenario was pretty much clear. Not only more and more people came out accusing him of blatantly favoring Shamita Shetty, but also accused him of being disrespectful towards the other contestants.

Shamita, Pratik, Divya
Shamita, Pratik, DivyaInstagram

No wonder Raqesh Bapat asked him not to be "mean". Divya Agarwal, Zeeshan, Milind Gaba and many others were seen discussing how partial he was towards one set of contestants and we just couldn't overlook that. Not only does Karan Johar disrespect the contestants but expects them to respect him. What's even more problematic is that, unlike Salman, the new host keeps laying accusations on contestants without giving them a chance to stand up for themselves or keep their point across.

Salman Khan, Karan Johar
Salman Khan on 'Koffee with Karan'Varinder Chawla

Various television personalities like Suyyash Rai, Tina Dutta, Krishna Kaul, Aparna Mishra and others have condemned KJo's statements and extended support to Divya and Zeeshan. Netizens too aren't thrilled with KJo's lop-sided hosting. While we love KJo and his movies, we as an audience, really want Salman Khan to be back with a bang.