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The aliens, whose 1,700-year-old mummies were discovered in a secret tomb in Nazca, Peru, could have rubbed shoulders with humans once, some scientists have claimed.

The mummified aliens — humanoids with three-fingers and three-toes — were discovered last June by Mexican UFOlogist Jaime Maussan.

The assumptions made by the scientists working on the project to prove that aliens have visited our ancient ancestors, if true, could change the scientific views on alien civilizations and their contacts with Earth.

The creatures are believed to have walked on Earth once upon a time. Three of these alien mummies are of short humanoids with alien-like heads, three fingers, three toes and reptilian skin.

Results of the CAT scans of these "alien" mummies were analyzed by Dr Raymundo Salas Alfaro, a Peruvian radiologist, who put his reputation at stake to work on the project.

"Each of three small specimens has been analyzed, and the bone density belongs to that of a living being. The preservation is amazing, it is really surprising, especially the bone parts of these small creatures," Express quoted Alfaro as saying.

"You see that, the base of the skull has its own characteristics. We can scientifically prove the skull of these creatures has a cranial cavity similar to humans, but they have some strong differences," he explained about photos he had of the aliens. IBT India could not get access to those photos.

"Look, the cranial vault and part of the brain — this is the base of the skull of this specimen. This is the neck and the backbone these are the collar bones and the thoracic cavity. Here another image you see the soft tissue — a big surprise about these small creatures," he explained further.

Alfaro concluded by saying that these mummies were really of extraterrestrial beings.

Another scientist, Dr Konstantin Korotkov, who is based out of Russia and is a part of this research project, also made some bold claims.

Korotkov, who is the deputy director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture in Russia, analyzed the larger mummy, named Maria.

"In our research with Maria we have had several steps.The first step was to prove it was real and not plastic, not paper," Korotkov was quoted by Express as saying.

"Next, that it was ancient. We did carbon dating and did analysis on the structure of the body. The CAT scan has proven it was a real body. What about the three fingers and three toes? Maybe this is not real and is attached somehow." 

But he said the tests revealed that the feet and hands of the alien mummy had the same chemical composition as well as the same DNA and they belonged to the same age.

"There is no doubt the three fingers and three toes belong to this body. So it was proven that it is real," Korotkov said. Alfaro too said that the body of Maria is indeed that of an alien.

The discovery of these alien mummies was described as "world changing" by Jamie Mausaan, a Mexican journalist who is also a part of the research team.

"We can prove we have two different types of beings — one human-sized, and virtually the same except the head, hands and feet; and the other completely different, more like a reptile," Mausaan was quoted by Express as saying.

"We have reptile-like skin. We will take new CAT scans and X-rays to find out the reality of this finding. If they can be proved to be real we have six bodies of the same kind — enough evidence to consider this case real," he said.

Previously, this finding was believed to be a hoax by various mainstream scientists and archeologists. Scientists and researchers speculated the corpses to be made up of mummified human remains from the area which had been dug up. An official inquiry was demanded by them to reveal whether any archeological crimes were committed in this case or not, a report by Express said.

The Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies also believed these alien corpses to be a hoax.

These corpses were then examined by a cohort of researchers working with — a conspiracy website — which led to a shocking claim that these mummies were indeed of aliens.

These extraterrestrial mummies were described as real "non-human beings" by Dr Edson Vivanco, a skeletal specialist who was a part of a research team investigating the corpses.

"There are lots of details that indicate that the bodies are real. To recreate a skull with these characteristics is a very difficult task," Vivanco said. 

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