Zico coconut water.Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola will soon introduce ethnic drinks and fruit juices as the global beverage giant is looking for ways to keep increasingly health-conscious consumers coming back for more.

Sales of carbonated drinks have stagnated as consumers worried about obesity and diabetes turn to healthy alternatives with less sugar.

Nearly half (48 percent) of Indian consumers surveyed by market intelligence firm Mintel last year said they were aiming for a healthier lifestyle in the coming years.

Local supermarkets are increasingly stocked with nutritious drinks such as soy milk and fruit juices, which have made a comeback in both households and trendy restaurants.

So Coca Cola have come up with a plan for Indians. To go the healthy way.

"We realised that every state in India has ethnic beverages. We are trying to identify one or two products in every state. For instance, we are looking at 'nariyal pani'. It is something that we believe is very important. The company would be launching new products in the ethnic beverages category over the next three years," Coca Cola India and Southwest Asia president T Krishnakumar told news wire PTI on Sunday.

Zico, Coca-Cola's coconut water brand, is already emerging as a bright spot in the company's portfolio and by 2020, Coca-Cola executives estimate that coconut water will be a $1.5 billion category in the U.S, Business Insider reported on March 10.

Globally, market-research firm Technavio estimates that the market for coconut water will go from roughly $2 billion in 2016, to more than $7 billion in 2021.

Along with the unflavoured coconut water, Zico also comes in flavors such as chocolate, watermelon-raspberry, and jalapeƱo-mango, the most recent addition.

The Georgia, United States-based company has about 50 percent of the beverages comprising local brands like ThumsUp, Limca and Maaza, which have been formulated, produced and sold in India.

The company is also betting big on localisation of fruit juices.

"We have realised that people in India have a huge love for fruits. We have launched a programme named 'Ras Ras Mein India' where we will pick up a fruit in every state and convert it into juice," Krishnakumar told PTI.

The cola major is also introducing low-sugar and sugar-free variants of beverages keeping in mind the changing consumer preferences.