Piyush Goyal welcomes Naresh Agarwal in to the BJP
Piyush Goyal welcomes Naresh Agarwal into the BJPTwitter

People across the country are asking what made BJP president Amit Shah induct former Samajwadi Party (SP) MP Naresh Agarwal into the saffron party.

Naresh Agarwal is infamous for his comments, which have landed him in some controversy time and again. He once mocked once Hindu gods and compared them to alcohol. He also called Kulabhushan Jadhav a terrorist. Many consider him the ugly face of Indian politics. In fact, many BJP leaders condemned his derogatory remarks in the past.

But the BJP extended the red carpet Monday, March 12, to welcome him after he ditched the SP because the party did not give him a Rajya Sabha nomination. People across the country are shocked by the BJP's move and have described it as the "death of ideology" and "travesty of every modicum of ethics".

People on social media have been saying that Naresh Agarwal has nothing boast of or add to the BJP. All that he brings in is the number of controversies. However, the BJP has given him a clean chit by inducting him into the party, say these people. 

And Naresh Agarwal was quick of the blocks to stir a fresh controversy after joining the BJP. He made a derogatory statement about actress-turned-politician Jaya Bachchan. People on social media have since then demanded that the party make him offer an apology and kick him out immediately.

Sonam Mahajan @AsYouNotWish

Samajwadi party's Naresh Agarwal who called Kulbhushan Jadhav a terrorist, mocked Lord Rama making "whiskey mein Vishnu bassey, rum mein Shri Ram" remark in the Rajya Sabha, joins BJP. Bhakts out there defending their Chanakya's ran-neeti. What a fall! Is BJP a political party or a washing machine? Take all sorts of filth, then repackages it as brand new people. #NareshAgarwal The problem with people like Naresh Agarwal is they don't come alone, they bring with them diseases like greed, misogyny and arrogance. They can never contribute positively towards nation-building no matter which party they join. It's never a good idea to be an option for them. As much as I admire PM Modi is as much as I hate BJP's duplicity & growing mediocrity. Look at the crass comments, Naresh Agarwal made about Mrs. Bachchan with regards to her profession at the time of his exit from SP, how is he better than those Congressmen who targeted Smriti?

Vikram Sampath @vikramsampath

#NareshAgarwal joining @BJP4India n them accepting him is a travesty of every modicum of ethics in politics n a complete death of ideology . After abusing Hindu gods as alcohol brands, calling Jadhav as terrorist & names to indian army etc inducting him is an utter shame!

Ashu @muglikar_

Not kidding. In Assam Friend made me listen to a song called "washing powder nirma" and it's kind of catchy. Dunno why BJP is acting like WPN and taking in idiots like Naresh Agarwal in the party.

Sushant Sareen‏ @sushantsareen

For BJP to admit a man like naresh agarwal, who represents the truly ugly face of indian politics is a real shame. On one hand, crooks, goons, turncoats, dalals - the flotsam & jetsam of politics - & on the other hand the most anachronistic, antediluvian folk are now part of BJP

Barkha Dutt @BDUTT

The last time someone called a female actor 'nachne wali' was the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid for @AzmiShabana on my show We The People. I removed him from the show. #NareshAgarwal needs a boot from the BJP. That would be fitting.

SUHEL SETH @suhelseth

@AmitShah should sack Naresh AGARWAL and tell the world that the @BJP4India IS a party with a difference. Sometimes you need courage to be convincing. Not just the courage of conviction.

Shobhaa De @DeShobhaa

Shame on you Naresh Agarwal. You are a disgrace. You won't make the cut even as a sidey naachnewala. BJP should make this man apologise immediately.

Faridoon Shahryar @iFaridoon

SHOCKING: Naresh Agarwal who was kicked by Samajwadi Party, has been accepted by BJP. He makes a highly despicable comment on Jaya Bachchan ji by calling her a 'Naachnewaali'. My appeal to Bollywood is...ab bhi aapka khoon na khaule to vo khoon nahin hai Paani hai!!

Tejas Jha‏ @jha_tejas26

#NareshAgarwal joining BJP is just unacceptable. This man is a puraana paapi. He has insulted Hindu faith, women and has had objectionable views on Kulbhushan Jadhav. Joining BJP will not change his psyche. BJP, party with a difference. REALLY???? What a fall!! @BJP4India

GhoseSpot @SandipGhose

Narendra Modi in his victory speech after NE Polls on March 3rd had said BJP should be careful that while ensuring Congress Mukt Bharat, "Congress Culture" doesn't creep into the party. With induction of people like #NareshAgarwal it runs the risk of going several notches lower.

Ashoke Pandit @ashokepandit

If misogynists like #NareshAgarwal start getting legitimate endorsements from the govt of the day; then clearly the dignity and safety of women in general is in peril.#NareshAgarwalJoinsBJP

Sunanda Vashisht @sunandavashisht

I am all for realpolitik, all for winning elections. All for- winning comes first because only then can you implement your agenda. Yet despite all that I don't understand induction of Naresh Agarwal by BJP. He does not bring much to table. Not enough to offset the liability he is

Ruhi Tewari @RuhiTewari

When politicians like #NareshAgarwal - who make offensive, misogynistic comments with great pride - are welcomed with open arms by parties for political one-upmanship, then we know how ingrained patriarchy, sexism & shameless acceptance of insulting women is in our polity

ॐ Anmol Katiyar‏ @Anmol_77

#RemoveNareshAgarwal from the Party this person is Foul-mouthed and will harm the party (BJP). #NareshAgarwal is not Acceptable to us Naresh Agarwal is the most Corrupt and opportunist politician in Uttar Pradesh