Faisal - Muskaan

Actor Faisal Khan had started his career from the stage of dance and is known to be one of the best that exists in our industry today. Faisal, after having won two dance reality shows is back on stage this time around dancing with his baliye Muskaan. The duo has already been scoring perfect marks consistently and has been one to watch out for on the show as they have made a permanent space for themselves in the Hi-Five zone.

We are still not over the last week's performance which included high-level emotions with the theme of growing old together and here they are they to drive us crazy with their next performance, which is going to be a delightful treat for the viewers.

As per sources, "Faisal is going to play with the LED and the whole act will be full of amazing graphics. The twist in the tale is that the duo will be doing the entire performance lying down on the floor."

The judges were so mesmerised by the performance that Raveena Tandon declared that this had to be the best act on Nach Baliye Season 9.

Faisal is currently shinning playing his first lead as an adult in Chandragupta Maurya as well as juggling with Nach Baliye as he dances away with girlfriend Muskaan Kataria. During a conversation with host Maniesh Paul, Faisal revealed that their romantic tale started with a phone charger when Faisal lent his phone charger to Muskaan who was obscure about Faisal's popularity as an actor.

Talking about performing with Muskaan, Faisal had said in an interview with International Business Times, "When I started dancing, I came in the industry as a solo dancer. When it comes to comfort, I feel an individual is always comfortable in solo. Having said that, if you share the stage with your life partner then it a different kind of fun altogether, since I am participating with Muskaan, who is exceptionally close to me. It is going to be a new and different experience."