Faisal Khan and Muskaan
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In a free-wheeling chat with Nach Baliye contestant and celebrity dancer-turned-actor Faisal Khan, who has participated in the show alongwith his girlfriend, Muskaan.

You have a history of winning dance shows and being a finalist. This must be a cake walk for you. Comments.

I have always either won the reality shows or have been the finalist. It is like my reputation is on stake. It is not going to be easy, because this time I am not doing it alone or with a professional dancer. I am going to dance with my girlfriend Muskaan, who is a complete non-dancer. I think it will be a little difficult for me but we are going to try our best and attempt to put in our best in the show, so that I can accomplish my hat-trick of winning the reality shows. This was the last show left that I wanted to do and I don't know what next is in my platter. I really wanted to do this show and I am doing it. So, it is a great feeling. I have never faced an elimination in my life and I would prefer not to.

You would be seen shaking your legs with your real-life partner. What do you prefer - solo or with a partner?

When I started dancing, I came in the industry as a solo dancer. I habe also performed in duos and groups, but, when it comes to comfort, I feel an individual is always comfortable in solo. In solo, a person can do anything all alone, even if he forgets a step, he can come up with something on-the-spot. But, in teamwork, if your partner forgets the step or someone from the team forgets it, then it is hard to manage on stage. Having said that, if you share the stage with your life partner then it a different kind of fun altogether, since I am participating with Muskaan, who is exceptionally close to me. It is going to be a new and different experience.

We have seen your finest dance moves. Is Muskaan a good dancer too, in your opinion?

I think Muskaan is a fine dancer, she is a non-dancer but has done some dancing in her childhood. Before this show started, we did some rehearsals and ever since we have been in a relationship, she has developed some more understanding about dance. She is always ready to work hard, she never gives up and that I truly like about her. Even if after giving her 100% she does some mistakes on stage, I wouldn't blame her. For me what matters is you should give your all, no matter whether you are a dancer or a non-dancer. Till now she is doing really well.

Wouldn't it be difficult to rehearse as a couple as perfectionists tend to lose their patience when steps go wrong?

I think, I have this problem that if my partner or someone from the team doesn't give their full performance, I tend to get angry. While rehearsing, I feel that we should be focused, so that you learn properly from the start till the end. There is a difference between doing hardwork and slogging and I don't like slogging. When you dance with your professional partner, few mistakes can happen but here I don't think I can say the same about Muskaan because she is a non-dancer who is trying. So, I have to be patient and it is obvious that she will make mistakes. There are some basics of dance that I have to make her understand, but I will have to control my anger otherwise our chemistry wouldn't be visible. Till now, everything is going well. She is learning and I have full confidence that she will become a good dancer with time.

What's your USP as a couple?

The chemistry that we have after been in a relationship for such a long time is our USP and will reflect onscreen.

Who would you say is your biggest competitor?

You must have heard many people saying it but I and Muskaan genuinely don't consider anyone as our competitor. Even in the past shows, I never considered anyone as my competitor because everyone has come here to give their cent percent. I have to challenge and compete with myself and that will definitely help me in future. I think we are, our own competitors. We are going to compete with our own past performances, that will help us to stand tall at the end of the show but there are other good dancers in the show too. Shantanu and Nityami both are professional dancers and Natasha is a good dancer, but there is no competition as such. We have just entered in the competition, may be in future I can tell, who is my competition but for now, we are, our own competitors.