chicken curry
Mystery man wants to 'marry' chicken curry so the restaurant issues search for him. [Representational image] from Pexels

Grand gestures like publicly declaring one's intention to marry something is not quite the common occurrence these days. Probably why a restaurant is looking for the man who made it very clear and very public that he wants to 'marry' the place's popular dish – mango chicken curry.

The Northampton, UK restaurant, Saffron, is looking for a man, who's known only as Luke, so it can give him the chance to make his love for their dish, all official and legal via a wedding.

It all began after this man called Luke wrote an online review on the restaurant, where he said: "If I could marry this mango chicken I'd do it in a heartbeat."

And Saffron, acting like the ever so elated parents, wants to grant Luke its blessings in tying the knot with their creation. And their wedding present?  An entire year's worth of free takeaways!

Sadly however, Saffron is yet to hear back from this Luke. But owner Naz Islam is still hopeful that they'll be able to track him down.

"Our mango chicken is a customer favourite, but it's a first to get a marriage proposal," he said, as Mirror Online reported. "We want to make our customer's wish to say I do come true - we're up for it if they are. If you left the review please get in touch to organise your ceremony."

man eating
The mystery man, Luke, wrote on an online review of the restaurant that if he could marry the mango chicken curry, he would. [Representational image]Pexels.

But whether the mystery man Luke would actually marry the curry or not, is still unknown. He left his review on the website Just Eat, and the entire stunt to look for him was organised by them.

Still, if Luke doesn't respond soon, he might miss out on year's worth of curry, and who would want to do that, right? For all we know, Luke just might marry the curry, considering people haven't shied away from marrying far weirder things in the past.

"People regularly leave funny, passionate and at times emotional reviews about their favourite takeaway," said Just Eat managing director Graham Corfield, reported Mirror Online.

"We've seen reviews stating everything from declarations of love, marriage proposals, people confessing they've had to hold back tears of joy, and one person even vowed to change their name to their favourite dish because it was so good."

So here's hoping Saffron is able to finally reunite the good man Luke with the love of his life in an eternity so they go on to live happily ever after!