Conspiracy theorists, all across the world strongly believe that alien existence on planet Earth is real. According to these theorists, mysterious lights and unidentified flying objects (UFO) appearing in the skies are strong proof of extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Adding up the heat to these seemingly bizarre theories, a mysterious light, very similar to aurora recently appeared in the skies of Alaska.

Mysterious lights that appeared in AlaskaTodd Salat

Alaska, for years, has been home to mysterious phenomena like northern lights or auroras. This particular event happened on April 15, when a spectacular shape that appeared in the skies of Donnelly Dome baffled witnesses.

"I was utterly surprised and mystified when I first spotted a distant bright light coming toward me from the northern horizon," said Aurora hunter Todd Salat.

Later, Salat released the picture on his website and claimed that the Northern Lights forecast for this year is promising.

"I was shooting frantically with two camera/tripod set-ups knowing that this was a unique event and within about seven minutes the 'apparition' swept by and disappeared. It was spellbinding!" Salat told

It should be noted that the auroras are triggered when the charged particles ejected from the Sun interact with the Earth's magnetic field.

Amid wild speculations regarding the mysterious lights and a possible alien origin, it was soon revealed that the sky phenomenon was triggered by emissions generated by the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket. On the day when the lights appeared in the sky, SpaceX had launched a reusable rocket with the Transporter-7 mission into a polar orbit from California.

According to experts, these kinds of spirals are formed by the upper stage of the Falcon-9 rocket, which vents out unneeded fuel during its long descent into the ocean.