After shooting down multiple UFOs in the skies, the US has accused China of alleged spying activities. However, China called the US action hysterical and claimed that the balloon was a "civilian airship" meant for research purposes.

As controversy loomed up, the US claimed that China is using balloons like these to spy on other nations including India and Japan. 


And now, several reports have connected the UFO incident in the US to another similar event which happened in India in January 2022. 

Last year, a UFO was reportedly seen hovering over Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. According to witness statements and local media reports, the object spotted in the sky was white-colored and sphere-shaped. 

The object also had antennas fixed on its body, and it apparently shared an uncanny resemblance with the balloon which the US shot down. 

It should be noted that Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has a huge security significance due to the presence of an Indian Navy Base. 

Even though several local media outlets carried this news, it never grabbed the attention of mainstream media houses in India. 

Additionally, there were no official responses too about the UFO sighting that happened in Port Blair last year. 

If the object was actually a Chinese spy balloon, then it flew over a region which is strategically important to India.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that the UFO sightings that are happening all across the world are a strong indication of alien existence on earth. 

According to these conspiracy theorists, governments all across the world are covering up alien existence fearing public panic.