Mysterious lights
Mysterious lights spotted [Representative Image]Youtube/screenshot

A beam of mysterious light spotted over several parts in China baffled residents with some claiming that it could be a UFO or extraterrestrial spaceship. However, Chinese Academy of Science has clarified dismissed the claim that it is a UFO and said it is noctilucent contrail caused by an aircraft.

The mysterious light spotted Friday, April 27, created a buzz on Chinese social media platforms. Photos and videos of the light over Beijing went viral. Residents were confused and some even joked that it could be a massive torch.

"Bizarre scene appeared in the sky over Beijing. Have you seen it?," a post on Chinese social media Weibo read. The post, which was shared by the user the Beijing things Beijing people don't know, also had several photos of the mysterious light.

Another user, hang kong wu yu, took to Weibo to say that the light was observed in several cities, including Beijing, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, and Qingdao.

Beijing Evening News had initially reported that the light could have been caused by the launch of a Beidou satellite. The launch happened Friday in Taiyuan city. And now People's Daily China has clarified that the UFO seen over the night sky in Beijing was nothing but a noctilucent contrail.

"The alleged "#UFO" seen in the sky above northern China on Friday evening was a noctilucent contrail, possibly caused by aircraft engine exhaust or air pressure changes, says the Chinese Academy of Science, warning the clouds as a sign of #globalwarming," the tweet reads.

Last December, a similar incident was recorded on camera in the US when SpaceX rocket was launched. Residents of Southern California and Arizona were baffled by the mysterious light over the sky. It was later revealed that the light was caused because of the launch of SpaceX rocket.