Total lunar eclipse
A supermoon is pictured at the beginning of a total lunar eclipse over Cairo, Egypt, September 28, 2015.Reuters

A video of three disc-shaped objects flying between Earth and the Moon has gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows three unidentified flying objects near the moon.

The video was captured April 22 and was shared on YouTube by Don't Stop Motion. The camera shakes a bit but it manages to capture the craters and the UFOs on a cloudless night. Conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the strange objects could be extra-terrestrial objects, but social media users think otherwise.

The user – Don't Stop Motion – shared the video on YouTube and said it looks like helium balloons but cannot confirm it. Two objects appeared to fly closely while the third object was just behind it.

"So, I was filming the Half moon Sunday, and caught something weird passing in front of it. At 1:18 in, 3 objects cross the moon. I THINK it's some helium balloons someone must've released, but can't confirm. Anyways, enjoy. Let me know what you think," the description of the video on YouTube reads.

While the user has said it could be balloons, one of the commenters said it could be a space rock or a meteor. Several others even agreed with the users' theory.

"Bottom one and the one to the right seem to be shadows of something... meteor maybe?" user Wheelori814 commented on the video.

"At an average, there are more than 2000 meteorites hits the Earth every day but they are of different sizes and shapes. The things we saw are surely shadows of meteorites passing between sun and the moon, but very near to the moon. They looks like disk because any round object will have a disk like shadow," user Bangalorean commented.

"If its legit, than i don't think those were balloons, why would they send 3 balloons at close range into orbit?" user Moridin commented.

"It is in fact ballons. if you continuously start and stop the video, you will notice that they are in fact connected by a string in the middle. almost had me though.," user Thistabut Gaming commented.

Watch the video below: