Yellowstone supervolcano hit by hundreds of earthquakes

Several mysterious booms have been reported from Ohio to New York over the past few months, and many conspiracy theorists believe that the US government is secretly conducting underground tunneling to keep themselves safe during times of a nuclear apocalypse.

Now, in a new twist, conspiracy theorists have connected these activities to the increased volcanic activities in Yellowstone. According to them, more than ten eruptions took place at this super volcano this year alone and they claim that this increase in activity is directly connected with the underground tunneling.

The theory was initially put forward by UFO researcher Tyler Glockner who runs the conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Secureteam10'. As per Glockner, the increase in Yellowstone volcanic activities and the frequency of the event proves that something strange is happening under the surface of the earth.

In the latest video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Glockner demonstrates a seismograph which proves the underground activities which were recorded in and around the park over the past few months.

"Most geysers erupt infrequently, but it has gotten to a point that scientists are able to predict it, and it proves something is going on below Yellowstone," said Glockner in the video.

The video which was uploaded on June 18 has gone viral, and it has already racked up more than 390,000 views.

The mystery of Denver airport

Earlier, several conspiracy theorists had alleged that there is a luxurious underground bunker which is ready to get occupied under Denver airport. According to these claims, this underground bunker is meant to protect elites during times of alien invasion or nuclear apocalypse.

They even allege that there is a secret rail track which connects this underground bunker with the White House so that the US President can easily reach the safe haven during disastrous situations.

These bunkers are supposed to have all the luxury just like an extravagant seven-star hotel, and elites can easily survive in these structures for more than a year with all amenities., claim conspiracy theorists. So much so for survival!