Jaipur Foot
The Jaipur FootPAL PILLAI/AFP/Getty Images

Veer Agrawal, a 14-year-old student from Mumbai, organised a workshop which raised nearly Rs 14 lakh to help 300 amputees walk again.

The Jaipur Foot camp was held in Washim in Maharashtra from November 23-26. It was organized with the help of Seth Bhagwandas J Agrawal Charitable Trust.

The workshop was attended by at least 350 physically challenged people to receive treatment for amputation and get prosthetic limbs called Jaipur Foot. In some special cases, they also received wheelchairs. 

When asked why he wanted to take up this mission, Veer said, "A road accident some years ago resulted in a thigh bone fracture that left me bedridden for weeks! The agonizing experience always haunted me and motivated me to do something for physically challenged people from a financially weak background and help them to experience the joys of walking and running once again. I learnt about the concept of the 'Jaipur Foot' camp and decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign on a website created for the same."

Veer added that he found many, especially in rural India, could not afford prosthetic limbs and this inspired him to organise the workshop to help as many people get fitted with the Jaipur Foot.

He said, "This motivated me to take up this cause in rural parts. It is fulfilling to see them walk again. I am deeply thankful to all who supported this cause and made this camp so successful."

The workshop raised Rs 14 lakh. Each fitting of the Jaipur Foot costs Rs 5,000 and is altered according to the size of the wearer as well as the point of amputation