Avantika Gaokar leaked bikini photos
Avantika Gaokar leaked bikini photos

Mumbai based model and actress Avantika Gaokar has accused a small time director of leaking her bikini pictures without her permission. It's the same diva who had accused the film-maker of selling her nude photos some time ago to a media house.

Avantika said that she had shot the bikini photos as sample after the director named Rameshnath Venkat Rao had allegedly asked her to send those to him for getting work in a Netflix show, which didn't exist at the first place.

The actress further said that Rao, who has fled away to Sri Lanka, has been blackmailing her for the last one month. Cases against the director have already been filed.

"This is in spite of two arrest warrants and a court injunction order. The accused is wanted by the Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi police. He has cheated several young women by blackmailing them. He tried the same tricks with me, thinking that I will succumb to his pressure and give in to his demands," Avantika Gaokar said.

Meanwhile, her manager has confirmed that as many as 15 raw bikini pictures of the actress have been leaked, which were supposed to be confidential and private. He said that the accused shared the images on some adult Facebook pages.

"The police have confirmed the location of the leak. The IP address shows that Venkat Rao is hiding on the outskirts of Colombo and leaking all the photos and video clips from there," Avantika's manager said. Avantika has also shared one of the pictures on Facebook along with a post, accusing Rao, and requesting her followers to inform her if they come across any more such pictures.

Avantika Gaokar shared the news of her leaked bikini pictures on Facebook.
Avantika Gaokar shared the news of her leaked bikini pictures on Facebook.Avantika Gaokar Facebook

Just a few days ago, Avantika had accused Rao of sending her rape threats through email. He had also allegedly threatened to throw acid on her face. According to her, Rao had collected her nude and bikini photos fraudulently by convincing her about a role in a Netflix show.

"Rakeshnath Venkat Rao was trying to get me to send him a nude video as well. I am lucky, I didn't listen to him. He made such big promises, which I now know are all false. He tried to first sell my nude photos to a prominent Mumbai tabloid, but when that didn't work out, he sold the pictures to Indiascoops.com. He showed the website a fake authority letter which claimed he had the rights to use or sell the images. My signature on that form/letter is fake," she had said earlier.