Self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring has shared images that show multiple glowing UFO orbs hovering over a stadium in Japan. The conspiracy theorist has released two images and in these photos, five circular lights can be seen hovering equidistant from each other.

Waring assures alien existence

Calling these images photographic evidence of alien existence, Waring claimed that the UFOs appeared over the Japanese stadium are actually five different flying objects hovering in formation.

"Five glowing orbs were seen over a stadium in Japan this week. The stadium is 29km from Tokyo. The UFOs are hovering over the Japanese flag on top of the stadium. The five glowing orbs are working in unison, but I believe they are five different craft," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

UFO Japan
Alleged UFO that appeared in the skies of JapanUFO Sightings Daily

Waring also added that alien beings from deep space are now visiting the earth to see how humans are combating the coronavirus pandemic.

"liens are there to observe how the Japanese are dealing with Covid19 and the stress of new rules. How humanity relaxes (at the ballpark) is a great way to see how humans deal with the new and complex stresses of life. It is not clear if the eyewitness saw it or realized it later after seeing the photos, but the photos are amazing evidence that aliens are observing Japanese," added Waring.

UFO Japan
UFO orbs that appeared in JapanUFO Sightings Daily

Mysterious UFO sighting in Spain

The new UFO sighting in Japanese skies was reported just a few days after another flying object was spotted in the skies of Spain. The alleged incident happened in Basque Country, northern Spain, and the UFO appeared above the mountain Zumarraga.

Before that, another UFO event happened in Russia where a disc-shaped flying object screeched across the atmosphere at a sky-rocketing speed. As UFO events all across the world are witnessing a dramatic rise, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens from deep space are gearing up for disclosure.