International Space Station
Representational image of the International Space Station (ISS)Pixabay

It was around a couple of years ago that Donald Trump asked the United States military to form a new branch of the army which he called 'Space Force'. The primary purpose of this new military branch is to assure the dominance of the United States in the space too. But now, a mysterious clip released by a conspiracy theory YouTube channel has made many people think that the space force is already operational.

UFO spotted near ISS

The UFO video is released by a YouTube channel named 'MrMBB333', and in the strange clip, a seemingly metallic object can be seen emerging from behind the International Space Station (ISS). The unknown object seems to travel towards the earth before disappearing into the darkness of the space.

"It appears to be the same colour as the space station. We know the space station is man-made, it's a metal alloy. That looks like the same colour," said MrMBB333 in the video.

Interestingly, after 30 minutes, this UFO resurfaces and this time, it seemingly emerges from the earth. The creepy object can be later seen travelling towards the space station.

Moon, Space Force, or Aliens

After watching the video clip, several viewers suggested that the UFO could be nothing other than the moon, earth's only natural satellite. However, MrMBB333 ruled out this suggestion and made it clear that the unknown flying object is very small.

"To me, it looks a little small to be the moon and it has the same colour as the space station. It implies that maybe there is an outside possibility that they are the same material because they are behaving in the same way," added the conspiracy theorist.

Some of his followers suggested that this UFO could be Donald Trump's space force that is engaged in routine patrolling activities. However, some other viewers claimed that the UFO is an alien space ship. According to these conspiracy theorists, aliens from deep space are working closely with astronauts at the ISS, and authorities are covering up this fact fearing public panic.