Arushi Handa, Shagun Pandey, Monal Jagtani, MTV Splitsvilla 11
MTV Splitsvilla 11 contestants Arushi Handa, Shagun Pandey, Monal JagtaniMTV India

Last Sunday, MTV Splitsvilla 11 got not only one but two ideal matches on the show - first, Arushi Dutta and Fahad Ali and second, Arushi Handa and Shagun Pandey. However, there is a twist in the tale.

Though Arushi and Fahad know that they are an ideal match, they have now become an open target for other contestants who may not give them an opportunity to go in front of the Oracle. They may remain powerless throughout the show if they can't manage to convince other Splitsvillans to vote for them. They can also plan their strategy and try to bring a couple like Shruti and Rohan who would not want to ask the Oracle whether they are an ideal match or not.

On the other hand, during the Secret Session when Arushi asked Oracle if Shagun was her ideal match or not, the Oracle nodded with a big YES. But here's the catch: Monal asked about Shagun as her ideal match but she got a negative response from the Oracle. It told her that since she and Shagun were not an ideal match, hence, both will now have to face the consequences.

So if Shagun gets eliminated in tonight's episode of Splitsvilla 11, Arushi Handa will be eluded from her chance of becoming the first ideal match on the show. There are, however, chances that Oracle may give another chance to Shagun and Monal to compete in the task and save themselves from elimination.

It remains to be seen if Shagun will have to pay the price for Monal's misjudgement making Arushi Handa end up one step short of becoming a superpower on the show. There is also a huge possibility that Monal's journey in Splitsvilla 11 may also come to an end.

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