Kabir and Anushka
Kabir and AnushkaMTV India

7:57 pm - In the upcoming episode, it looks like Shruti and Anshuman will pair up and face the Oracle. Rannvijay says if Anshuman and Shruti become an ideal match, then their true connection may have to go home which could be emotionally draining for these four Splitsvillans.

7:48 pm - Kabir and Anushka decide that Anshula should be the one to get eliminated. Anshula's journey in Splitsvilla 11 ends here. 

7:46 pm - Kabir and Anushka ask Oracle whether they are an ideal match or not. According to the Oracle calculations, Kabir and Anushka are an ideal match. While everyone else is really happy, there is one person whose heart just broke, and that's Aarushi Dutta.

7:46 pm - Kabir and Anushka feel that they are indeed an ideal match. 

7:45 pm - Shagun and Arushi decide Kabir and Anushka will be facing the Oracle tonight.

Shagun, Arushi Handa
Shagun, Arushi HandaMTV India

7:44 pm - It's time for Shagun and Handa to choose one couple to face the Oracle today. Shagun can rectify his mistake by sending Fahad and Aarushi this time, but wait, looks he's got something else on his mind!

7:37 pm - Fahad and Arushi hit back at Shagun for his last Sunday's incident. Sunny Leone too blasts Shagun and Sheetal saying that they betrayed Fahad and Arushi in the task. Sheetal says that Arushi took her revenge in today's task. Sunny interrupts her saying that she has right to perform and win the task but she didn't hit the Bananas.  

7:32 pm - Now that Arushi and Shagun are an ideal match, one more couple will be given a chance to face the Oracle tonight. 

7:31 pm - When the Splitsvillans were asked who they want to eliminate from the villa, everyone wrote Anshula's name.

Anshula, Splitsvilla 11
AnshulaMTV India

7:30 pm - Oracle interrupts in between and says that one more girl will join the couples. Rannvijay tells Monal that she has 50 per cent chances of getting eliminated tonight. Unsafe boys choose Anshula to stand with Monal. 

7:29 pm - Rannvijay asks Kabir and Fahad to bring their connections who they think are an ideal match. While Kabir brings Anushka, Fahad without any guess brings Arushi Dutta. 

7;27 pm - Shagun tries to convince Sheetal that he has to be there with Arushi Handa. Sheetal is sad but other splitsvillans convince her to send Shagun with a smiling face. Shagun gives Sheetal a warm hug and sits with Arushi in the dome.

Splitsvilla 11
Shagun and SheetalMTV India

7:25 pm - Shagun is hell excited that he and Arushi Handa are MTV  Splitsvilla 11 first ideal match. Sheetal is not at all happy that they are an ideal match. Shagun might be able to save Sheetal if he performs with Handa, but then he won't be able to spend time with Sheetal. Shagun looks like he's ready to pair up with Handa.

7:24 pm - Sunny Leone asks Oracle, "Are Shagun and Arushi Handa an ideal match?" Oracle replies, "Yes."

7:23 pm - Now Rannvijay asks Oracle who's name did Arushi Handa take. Oracle says Shagun and no one is happy about it. Shagun's connection Sheetal tells Sunny and Rannvijay that she doesn't want Arushi and Shagun to be an ideal match. 

7:23 pm - Rannvijay tells that Shagun and Monal have more chances of getting eliminated tonight. Monal knew that Shagun and Sheetal are in a relationship, and yet she chose him to be her ideal match. Wasn't she supposed to be Sheetal's best friend?

Monal, SPlitsvilla 11
MonalMTV India

7:21 pm - Splitsvillans are now inside the dome. Sunny Leone asks Oracle who's name did Monal take. Everyone is shocked to see that Monal chose Shagun. Rannvijay asks Oracle to announce the verdict. 

7:19 pm - Arushi Handa comes second when she was expected to finish first. Meanwhile Anshuman and Roshni win the task. They will go together inside the dome. Monal and Shagun's team finish last. Monal fears that either she or Shagun will have to go home.

Anshuman, Roshni
Anshuman, RoshniMTV India

7:17 pm - Now the couples will have to convince other Splitsvillans to eat the collected Bananas which will make them win the task. 

7:15 pm - Arushi Handa and Fahad and Monal and Kabir are performing the task now. 

7:14 pm - Anshuman and Roshni slip over squashed Bananas and fall on each other. Rannvijay says, "Don't let the Banana come out of your pants" while Splitsvillans giggle.

7:11 pm - The next two couples - Anshuman and Roshni and Simba and Anshula - are performing the tasl.

7:10 pm - Anushka is upset with Rohan and Shruti who refused to listen to her instructions while throwing the Bananas. 

Weren't Rohan and Shruti supposed to be Anushka's best friends? We thought they would support her in the task. Instead, Rohan wanted her to be grateful because he did her a favour.

7:08 pm - Anushka and Gourav and Arushi Dutta and Shagun are the first two couples performing the task.

7:06 pm - Today's Test Your Bond challenge's name is Banana Se Manana. Couples will be made wear oversized pants and they will have to catch maximum number of Banana's to win the task thrown from the other side by their friends. Meanwhile, a girl will be kept hanging in between who will try not to allow Bananas to pass on the other side by hitting them with a baseball bat.

MTV Splitsvilla 11
MTV Splitsvilla 11MTV India

7:05 pm - Arushi continues keep the sad face to confuse other contestants that she was not safe at all. 

7:03 pm - Before the Test Your Bond challenge begins, Rannvijay tells Monal and Arushi Handa that three couples will be safe while they will have to finish first in the challenge to save themselves from elimination. 

7:01 pm - Shagun comes with a sad face to show other Splitsvillans that nothing has happened. Later, she tells Shruti and Rohan that Shagun is indeed her ideal match. Even Handa's friends took a while to digest the fact that Shagun is her ideal match.

Arushi Handa, Shruti, Rohan
Arushi Handa, Shruti, RohanMTV India

In tonight's episode of MTV Splitsvilla 11, it looks like Rannvijay and Sunny Leone's dating show will witness an unexpected elimination in the dome session.

Last Sunday, while Arushi Dutta and Fahad were declared as an ideal match but without power, Arushi Handa and Monal Jagtani got a chance to face the Oracle in a secret session. Both asked whether Shagun was their ideal match even after he went against his friends Arushi and Fahad.

The Oracle told Arushi that Shagun is her ideal match while it told Monal that they (Monal and Shagun) both will have to pay the price for her misjudgement.

Meanwhile, three couples - Kabir and Anushka, Fahad and Arushi, Anshuman and Roshni - will be going inside the dome together hoping to get a chance to face the Oracle and say the magical words to become an ideal match.

However, an unexpected elimination is expected to happen. Who do you think will get eliminated?

Keep watching this space for the latest updates from MTV Splitsvilla 11.