Shruti Sinha
MTV Splitsvilla 11 contestant Shruti SinhaMTV India

On last Sunday's episode of MTV Splitsvilla 11, Shruti Sinha and Rohan Hingorani confessed their love for each other and asked Oracle if they are an ideal match or not. Unfortunately, they were not which left Shruti a bit disappointed but she was also happy because it made her connection with Rohan strong.

But do you know this self-confessed film girl from Delhi is quite the adventurer in her personal life? In a candid conversation on Voot, from using 'I Love You' for sex to kissing a girl, Shruti revealed a lot of her secrets at the Villa. Check it out.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

Yes, I believe in love at first sight and it has happened to me with my first boyfriend.

Have you used 'I Love You' just for sex?

No, I think it's quite dumb. I don't say 'I Love You' to anyone until and unless I feel it.

Have you ever lied about your age?

Yes, in acting auditions and sometimes when I had to enter clubs and all of that. I use my elder sister's ID card because we look quite similar.

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?

No. I don't respect people who cheat on their partners. You can just clearly say no to them. So no.

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Yes, I have kissed a girl and that was the best friend out of love. I kiss even my mom and sister.

Have you ever checked your boyfriend's texts?

Yes, who doesn't? Not spying but just like that.

Have you ever fought with your significant other in public?

No. And even if it happens, I don't want my partner to feel insulted or embarrassed in public because I get angry to a different level altogether.

Have you ever engaged in PDA?

Yes, I am a very affectionate person. So a big yes.

Have you ever fooled around in a car?

Yes, you know it's not safe to roam around on Delhi streets just like that. I think it's the coolest thing to chill with your friends.

Have you ever taken nudes?

No. I don't need to take nude pictures of myself. Anyway I know I have a great body. It's quite weird when people ask you to send nudes and you don't trust with that. You can just see your body in the mirror.

Have you ever pressured your friend to break up?

Yes, I have because I knew that my friend's boyfriend was cheating on her. And I was telling her but she was not listening. So I pressured her to literally break things up.

Have you ever kissed someone you didn't like?

No, I haven't. I don't even hug someone I don't like.

Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Yes, I have broken a lot of hearts. I can stay with just one right. Even in Splitsvilla, you can see I broke Anshuman's heart.

Have you ever pranked your partner?

Yes, I once saw a video on the internet. I had applied ketchup on my wrist and told him that I have cut my hand. He got panicked and then I realised that I shouldn't be doing such things.

Have you ever given someone a fake phone number?

Yes, a lot of times. Many people ask me for my phone number and if someone is forcing me and I don't want to talk at all, I give away any random number.

Have you ever sent a drunk text confessing your love to someone?

No, I usually send weird texts when I am in my senses. So there's literally no need for me to get drunk text anyone.

Have you ever tried to seek revenge with an ex?

No, because if I am not with him, it doesn't matter what he is doing and what not. So I don't get this revenge kind of feeling at all. When I am out, I am out.