MS Dhoni with Ziva
MS Dhoni with his wife and daughter in a file photoMS Dhoni, Instagram

Apart from being a legend in the game of cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also a very loving and doting father to his daughter Ziva. While being away from the game, MSD often shares cute videos of his little girl on Twitter and Instagram.

In the most recent Instagram post, the former India captain has narrated a very funny story that demonstrates how sharp his daughter is. Apparently, one of the eyeglasses that Ziva has are identical to a pair possessed by Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

In his Instagram post, Mahi shared the pics of both Ziva with those eyeglasses as well as Ranveer wearing identical ones. The wicket-keeper batsman revealed that when his daughter saw the picture, she thought the actor had stolen her goggles. Immediately, she went to her room to check where her glasses were. Only after finding them did she feel relieved.

"Ziva was like, why is he wearing my glasses? Then she goes upstairs to find hers and finally says my glasses are with me only," Dhoni narrated.

He then expressed his admiration for the supposedly more precocious kids of today. "Kids are different these days at four and a half. I won't have even registered that I have similar sunglasses."

The World Cup-winning captain even looked forward to a meeting between the Bollywood star and his daughter. "Next time she meets Ranveer, I am sure she will say I have the same glasses as yours."

This is not the first time that the 38-year old has proudly shared a video of his daughter. Earlier in the year, on voting day in his city, MSD uploaded a clip of Ziva sitting on the lap of her father and urging everyone to go out and cast their vote. On his birthday, which came during the World Cup, the young Dhoni was again heard guiding her father through the cake-cutting ceremony.

The picture of Ranveer which led to some confusion in the mind of Ziva was put up by the actor on his Instagram page. The Gully Boy star, known for his eccentric style of dressing, was apparently, part of a photo-shoot where he donned a black suit with a shirt unbuttoned down to his waist and also wore a hat and carried a stick.

It remains to be seen what Ranveer will have to say on this episode. Ziva, who was born on February 6, 2015, though, would be happy that a major star from the cine industry is copying her style.