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Film Federation of India has nominated Gully Boy for Oscars 2020's Best International Feature Film category. But majority of Indian filmgoers called it a stupid selection.

Over 10 movies, including Gully Boy, Andhadhun, Vada Chennai, Kesari, Uri and Kurukshetra, were under consideration for India's entry into Oscar Awards 2020. The Film Federation of India announced on Saturday that it has nominated Gully Boy for the category of Oscar's Best International Feature Film.

Farhan Akhtar, who has co-produced Gully Boy with Ritesh Sidhwani and Zoya Akhtar, is all thrilled over the news. He tweeted, "#GullyBoy has been selected as India's official entry to the 92nd Oscar Awards. #apnatimeaayega Thank you to the film federation and congratulations #Zoya @kagtireema @ritesh_sid @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @SiddhantChturvD @kalkikanmani & cast, crew and hip hop crew. "

Some celebs, critics and viewers expressed happiness over Gully Boy's entry into the nomination list of Oscar Awards 2020. They said that the movie is the perfect selection and it would win the award this year.

Hindi filmmaker Karan Johar: My absolute favourite film of the year is the official Indian entry for the OSCARS!!!! #GullyBoy all the way! Zoya Akhtar is my favourite Indian filmmaker! Well done boys @FarOutAkhtar @ritesh_sid get the gold statue home!!! So excited !! @aliaa08 @RanveerOfficial and the team!

Telugu filmmaker Rahul Ravindran: Absolutely loved Gully Boy. One of my favorite films of the year... but a little heartbroken that 'Kumbalangi Nights' isn't going to the Oscars. Felt it would have almost definitely won. Such a masterpiece. One of the Indian films of the decade of not 'the!'

Film Critic Baradwaj Rangan: I liked #GullyBoy, but felt the complex universe that birthed DIVINE/Naezy was streamlined into an ultra-simple template. But it's a solid choice. Oscar submissions aren't about THE BEST film but about a well-made film that checks some important boxes.

Film Critic Aniruddha Guha: Lust Stories, going to the Emmys. Gully Boy, India's entry to the Oscars. The common link: the Zoya factor.(You're welcome.) GULLY BOY may not be the best film among the 28 movies shortlisted to be sent to the Oscars, but it's a smart choice in terms of bolstering India's chances. Crowd-pleasing, well-acted underdog story that won't intimidate Academy audiences. Also, I dare say, slums.

Harsh. @Harsh1904MJ

#GullyBoy impressed international crictics and media like no other Indian film. It really has the potential to have a good run at the Oscars

Himesh @HimeshMankad

And #GullyBoy is India's official entry to the Oscars... So happy to see a mainstream film going in the international circuit. @RanveerOfficial, Apna Time Aagaya

Ananya Bhattacharya @ananya116

Big big big! Zoya Akhtar's #GullyBoy is India's #Oscars2020 entry! Break a leg, @RanveerOfficial, @aliaa08 and @SiddhantChturvD! ❤️

But the majority of filmgoers in India are upset with FFI's selection for India's entry to Oscars 2020. They say that adaptations and remakes will not be accepted at the Oscar Awards and Gully boy was inspired from 8 Miles. Other film industries have made several wonderful movies, one of which could have been selected. A few feel that Andhadhun could have been the best selection to compete at the international level.

Many expressed their disappointment over FFI's selection for India's entry to Oscars 2020. Here are few such tweets:

Arya Suresh @thecuriouself

#GullyBoy won't win the #Oscars2020. It's a rule that adaptations and remakes won't be accepted. (Gully boy was inspired from 8 miles) This is pretty shameful that when other industries are giving out great original content, a Bollywood favouritism thrives.

Akshar @AksharPathak

I don't know on what idiotic basis did they decide that they should send a movie like Gully Boy to the Oscars when Bollywood churned out so many other better films transcending genres like Bharat and Student of the Year 2.

Rahul verma @RahulVerma4860

Today I came to know why India is not competing with hollywood ventures in Oscar. Choosing #GullyBoy over #Andhadhun and #Tumbaad is horrible mistake.

नम्रता @_Namrataa

Why is India's Oscar nomination selection committee always filled with stupid people? Sending a copied movie as official nominee can bring embarrassment only, not nomination or award ‍♀️ Everyone knew Newton was a copy, yet they sent it, and now #GullyBoy ‍♀️

Anmol @blaze_1706

#Andhadhun any day deserves to go in Oscars over #GullyBoy

PVA @PinkvillaAunty

Another year of missed chance at getting a Foreign Film Oscar nomination. This 8 mile wannabe will not even get to the shortlist of 10, forget about landing a nomination. #GullyBoy

sp saxena @assassinsps

Pathetic movie #GullyBoy don't know why they nominated It for Oscar. There are many other movies which deserve Oscar.

Dhanush Trends™ ️ @DhanushTrends

Politics Everywhere!!! #VadaChennai Definitely deserves for an Oscar Award...But anyway wishes for #GullyBoy Movie and the whole team on behalf of all @dhanushkraja fans on nominating for Oscar Award.