Everybody wants to be a hero. We also have real-life heroes who work to keep us safe and administer justice. What if a real-life hero tried to ape a reel hero? We've all seen the macho cops on-screen, but we all know actors play cops, and not everything they do is similar to how cops actually behave in society, including gravity-defying stunts and moves that make them look larger than life. 

A real-life cop decided to pull off a Singham stunt aping Ajay Devgn. While the stunt went fine and the cop had his moment of glory, his seniors were not impressed, to say the least, as it set a bad example. Following his antics, the cop was slapped with a fine of Rs 5000. 

MP cop trying Ajay Devgn's stunt

MP cop fined Rs 5,000 after performing Ajay Devgn's stunts

Bollywood action movies are entertaining, and stunts in movies garner applause and whistles. In real life though, it's not quite as straightforward. Everybody knows what works on screen doesn't always translate off of it. That's why the disclaimer, 'do not perform these stunts at home'. 

A Sub-Inspector in Madhya Pradesh hoped to have his hero moment. Manoj Yadav who is in-charge of the Narsinghgarh police station in Damoh district was given a warning after he tried to imitate Ajay Devgn's stunt in Singham and Phool Aur Kante. You might remember the iconic stunt where he makes his entry on two cars, one foot on either. 

Well, Yadav decided he was no less a hero and shot a clip doing the same. Except he didn't receive the same treatment as Ajay Devgn. His video went viral, following which when it reached senior officials they were displeased by his attempt, as this might set the wrong example and encourage youngsters with the wrong idea. Consequently, the cop was charged with 5,000-rupee fine and was warned against repeating such an action in the future. 

Watch the stunt below:

Safe to say SI Manoj Yadav's stint on social media ends with this video.