The country is still struggling under the weight of coronavirus. Of all the states, Maharashtra has seen the maximum spread and the most number of cases. In such a time, it's difficult to tell how things will go, and some morale-boosting is undoubtedly necessary. 

Celebrities since yesterday have been changing their display pictures on social media showing their solidarity and support to the Maharashtra Police and government. Now, netizens are asking if this PR stunt is even necessary. 

Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan

Twitterati calls celebrities changing display pics a PR stunt

The lockdown has gotten to everybody. But the situation still remains dicey. Maharashtra has been the worst-hit in India reporting the highest number of positive Coronavirus cases in the country. Bollywood celebrities have been very supportive of the government from the start.

Actors have been showing solidarity, participating in trying to defuse the situation, have been spreading awareness and have even contributed financially to the fight against the highly contagious virus. Now, as certain parts of the country slowly inch back to normalcy, Maharashtra is fighting an uphill battle in containing the virus. 

In a new move, celebrities have all been changing their display pictures to that of the Maharashtra Police to show support and applaud the administration for the steps they've taken to keep the state safe. Actors including Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn and many others have all shown support.

Salman Khan display picture

This stirred up some criticism online when netizens asked whether this was just a PR stunt and whether celebrities have turned into mouthpieces for the government. Many believe to applaud the administration the situation on the ground should be worthy of praise. While morale-boosting is necessary, there needs to be changed to reflect that as well, the citizenry feels. 

Perhaps we need a bit of both, morale and change in the right direction.