Veena Kohli, the widowed mother of Captain Sumit Kohli who was found dead in his quarters in mysterious circumstances, has been left alone in her house with no source of income and emotional support.

The heartbreaking story of Veena Kohli is now making rounds on Twitter with users demanding support from the Army headquarters. The case has also highlighted the glaring gaps in the existing laws pertaining to the compensation of soldiers who died in the line of duty. It has been learned that Captain Sumit Kohli had a troubled relationship with his wife.

At the time of his death, the couple was still married. As per the existing rule, the pension has been released to the officer's wife, not his mother. Moreover, his wife has also been given a job by the Punjab government on compensatory grounds. Days after Captain Kohli was found dead, his father also died from a brain hemorrhage.

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Captain Sumit Kohli receiving Shaurya Chakra in 2004Twitter

What happened to Captain Sumit Kohli?

Captain Kohli was found dead in his quarters four months after receiving the Shaurya Chakra for leading an operation in March 2005. He was discovered slumped in his chair, holding an AK-47 weapon at his feet. It has been alleged that Captain Kohli knew the truth related to a fake encounter on 20th April 2004 in which four men were killed by the Army.


One of the families of the four men killed in the encounter, who were hired as porters for the army received an anonymous letter unearthing the truth that it was a fake encounter. The family claims that the letter was sent by none other than Captain Kohli who assured justice and that he was killed because he would have exposed the fake encounter of innocent men.

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However, the army has its own version of the story. Captain Kohli, according to the army, was depressed and killed himself. Following Captain Kohli's death, the army formed an investigation team, which decided that the officer was severely depressed as a result of marital troubles and had committed suicide.

In his room, the investigation team discovered six anti-depressants. According to the team's findings, Kohli failed to notify his medical condition to his commanding officer, which is deemed to be a breach of army regulations.