In the initial months of the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic mainly affected the elderly and people with existing medical conditions. However, the second wave of coronavirus shattered all previous assumptions about the Covid pandemic, as it affected people irrespective of the age group. Several young people including children without any existing medical conditions succumbed to the virus in India, and it clearly indicates that the virus is evolving. And now, the second wave of Covid in India has started showing signs of slowing down, but the worst fear is not over yet, as experts predict a possible third wave outbreak in the coming months. As the scare surrounding the third wave looms up, parents in the nation are increasingly bothered about their children, and they are trying hard to keep their dear ones away from the deadly infection. 

children third wave
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Tips to protect children from coronavirus infection

To keep themselves and their children away from coronavirus infection, parents can follow the below-mentioned tips. 

  • Parents should make sure that kids are not going out of their homes. Even if they go out, parents should ensure that children are washing their hands after coming back. 
  • Parents should encourage the use of sanitizers especially at times when they touch dirty surfaces or objects. 
  • Keep a tissue paper available for your child, so that they can use it while coughing or sneezing. 
  • It is always recommended to follow the practice of double masking. Several medical experts had recently revealed that the act of using two face masks over each other could double the protection against the virus. 
  • Until now there is no strong evidence that links coronavirus infection and breast milk. If you are a lactating mother with Covid infection, you can breastfeed your baby, but always make sure that you are wearing double masks and adhering to all safety protocols. The lactating mother should always make sure that she is practicing strict hand hygiene. 

Will the Covid third wave attack children more? 

Until now, there is no evidence that the coronavirus pandemic will infect children more. However, the second wave of coronavirus has already given a dire warning that it will infect people irrespective of the age group. So, it is highly necessary to receive the vaccination, as it will help to reduce the chances of Covid-related complications even if you get infected with the virus.