Joju George
A still of Joju George from the movie Joseph

Joju George is one of the most noted emerging stars in Mollywood and recently won the Kerala State Film Awards in the 'Best Character Actor' category for his performance in the movie 'Joseph' directed by M Padmakumar. The recent news about the actor is regarding a personal story he shared about an apparent near-death experience.

A recent video uploaded to popular entertainment YouTube channel 'Cine Life' reveals that Joju once had a near-death experience (NDE) while undergoing a surgical procedure. As per Joju George, during the time of the surgery, he went unconscious and later saw his body lying on the operation table.

The actor also added that he heard a mysterious voice and believes that it might be from a heavenly entity, most probably God or Death. Joju made it clear that he saw all his past events in life just like a cinema during the near-death experience.

Even though Joju George debuted in the Malayalam film industry long back in 1995, he became a popular star among Mollywood movie lovers after the release of 'Joseph' in 2018. The film became a critical and commercial success, and people lauded Joju for immortalizing the character of a drunkard police officer with perfection on screen.

The latest film of Joju to hit the theatres was 'June'. The film which featured Rajisha Vijayan in the lead role received positive responses from critics, and it is now enjoying a decent run at the Mollywood box-office. Joju's upcoming movie is 'Virus' which is being directed by Aashiq Abu. 

Even though spiritualists consider the experience faced by Joju an authentic proof of life after death, experts claim that these visual hallucinations are the result of a survival technique adopted by the human brain to combat limited supply of oxygen during life-threatening events.