Pakistani model Alishba has revealed she is not aware of who Mohammed Bhai is and has heard about him "once or twice" from India speedster Mohammed Shami.

Shami has been accused of match-fixing by his wife Hasin Jahan, along with other serious allegations of adultery and assault. A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against Shami for allegedly torturing his better half.

Jahan had suggested the Uttar Pradesh-born bowler had met a "Pakistani girl" Alishba in Dubai. She insisted Shami took money from the model to bring the game of cricket to disruption by fixing matches.

Jahan suggested her husband took the money over the insistence of England-based businessman Mohammed Bhai and stressed that she also had a proof for the same. Alishba has admitted to meeting the Delhi Daredevils bowler in the Middle East, where she visited him for breakfast when Shami was on his way back home after the South Africa series.

However, the "Pakistani girl" has stressed no money was exchanged during their meeting in Dubai. Alishba even stressed that she would do anything in her power to clear Shami's name of match-fixing.

"Regarding Mohammed Bhai, I don't even know who is this person. I have heard about Mohammed Bhai from Shami's mouth once or twice. I don't know Mohammed Bhai personally and I don't have anything to do with his individual," Alishba told ABP News.

"Regarding money, we never exchanged anything. Neither did I take nor did I give him any sort of money. We just met as friends and then I went back to my sister's place. That's all."

"Wherever you call me, I will come to clear the allegations against Shami. I am confident that Shami is a good human being. The person who does not even lie to anyone, how he can be disloyal to his country?"

"It is shameful that there is a match-fixing allegation against an individual like Shami. I hope he comes out of this soon and I will do anything to get him out. A Pakistani is giving a proof, what more do you want."

Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami's wife Hasin Jahan has been accused of cheating, match fixing and assaultingGetty Images

Alishba also stressed Jahan's nature to doubt about her husband forced Shami to lie about Mohammed Bhai.

"Shami's only mistake is that he told about me to his wife. You know his wife's nature, she doubts about her husband. So to cover up this, he was forced to tell his wife that Mohammed Bhai sent him to collect money from me," the Pakistani model explained.

"Maybe, Shami was not aware that his call was being recorded. He was clueless this would be blown out of proportion."