Whether or not Kim Jong Un is dead remains a mystery as there are contradicting claims about his current health status. From reports of a team of doctors from China visiting North Korea to assess Kim's health post-heart surgery to many speculating that the supreme leader is already dead, there's a lot of confusion and no concrete evidence to believe anything. That said, a top security adviser to South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said that the North's leader Kim Jong Un is 'alive and well', downplaying rumors over Kim Jung-Un health.

So does this mean NK's dictator is alive and in good health? Well, there's still no information from North Korea, which could suggest his well-being. Adding to the mounting speculations about the possible reason behind Kim Jong Un's absence from the public eye is a theory from a North Korean defector.

Missile test gone wrong?

North Korea says it has developed 'advanced hydrogen bomb'
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is missing from public eyeReuters

According to Lee Jeong Ho, a former North Korean official with links to the Workers' Party of North Korea, Kim Jong Un might have sustained serious injuries in one of the military missile tests gone wrong. South Korean newspaper Dong-a Ilbo, Kim must have authorized one of the controversial missile tests, the NK military does from time to time, on April 14. Since no footage of missile launch, training of combat aircraft was released and Kim was left out of the reports of the tests, it all points to a possibility of an accident caused by debris or fire.

Is Kim brain dead? No!

Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong UnReuters

Lee pointed out that the barrage of missiles that went down in the country's east coast on April 14 could not have been possible without Kim's approval. Lee also rubbished the possibilities of Kim being brain dead post his surgery. He added that Kim's doctors are based in Pyongyang and reports wrongly suggested that the supreme leader was treated at a Mount Myohayng hospital.

The North Korean media hasn't directly reported anything to clear the doubts that have been stirring up rumors, which is suspicious. Kim Jong Un's was last seen on April 11, but his disappearance from his absence from an important event on April 15, which honors the founder of the country, Kim's late grandfather Kim Il Sung was suspicious of all.