It was on April 15 that the global media and world leaders noticed the absence of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un, as he did not attend the birthday celebrations of his grandfather.

A few days later, citing a US official, CNN reported that Kim is battling for life after undergoing a cardiovascular surgical procedure. Now, several reports suggest that Kim Jong-un is already dead, and North Korea is covering up the news for unknown reasons.

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un (Pixabay) Kim Yo Jong (Twitter/Scott Dawson)

A vital clue from Shijian Xingzou

A day back, Shijian Xingzou, the vice director Hong Kong satellite channel (HKSTV) had confirmed that Kim Jong-un had died following a failed cardiovascular procedure.

Xingzou who is also the niece of a Chinese minister revealed that she got this information from a credible North Korean source. The social media post of Xingzou has since been removed, but not before it spread like wildfire in social media platforms.

Jang Sung Min, a Korean peninsula expert also revealed that Kim Jong-un is dead. However, Sung Min the chairman of the board of The World and Northeast Asia Peace Forum (WNPF), citing a credible source, claimed that the North Korean leader is currently in a very critical state, and it is impossible for him to recover.

Kim Yo Jong with Kim Jong-un

"Kim Jong Un's health condition is very serious, and just this morning, the North Korean administration came to the conclusion that it will be impossible for him to recover," said Sung Min. A few hours back, Japanese magazine Shukan Gendaihad reported that Kim Jong-un is currently in a state of vegetative existence, following a heart surgery performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

In the meantime, social media platforms are now flooded with images of what appears to be Kim Jong-un's corpse. However, International Business Times, India edition could not check the authenticity of these images.

Who will be Kim Jong-un's successor?

If reports regarding Kim Jong-un's death are true, his sister Kim Yo Jong will be soon throned to power in North Korea. Besides the royal bloodline, 32-year-old Kim Yo Jong has held several positions under her brother's leadership.

Shockingly, several social media users believe that Kim Yo Jong is much daring and deadly than Kim Jong-un, and her rise to power could escalate tensions in the Korean peninsula. In March, she had called South Korea, 'a frightened barking dog', after Seoul criticized Pyongyang's nuclear program.

Will patriarchy let Kim Yo Jong become the Supreme Leader?

It should be also noted that North Korea is basically a patriarchal society, and if the political system also follows the old-fashioned pattern, Kim Jong Chol, Kim Jong Un's only surviving brother may be throned to power. 

However, these chances are very minimal considering the pivotal positions handled by Kim Yo Jong during Kim Jong-un's regime. Apart from this, Kim Yo Jong is known both domestically and internationally, and she was a part of her brother's two summits with the US President Donald Trump, at Singapore in 2018 and Vietnam in 2019.

Interestingly, Kim also has a son who is just ten years old. Considering the age, the chances of this young boy becoming North Korea's next leader can be completely ruled out. 

Will Kim Jong-un return to power?

In the meantime, several conspiracy theorists believe that Kim Jong-un is not making public appearances due to the coronavirus outbreak. As per these conspiracy theorists, the North Korean leader is receiving treatment, post a successful cardiovascular procedure in a villa located in Hyangsan County.